It's Christmas Time

After having worked off and on on various Christmas songs every December for the last few years, I made a conscious decision last summer to finish off all those songs and put out a full Christmas album. But, I also wanted to raise the production level and put out the best recorded music I have ever done. I worked for months trying all kinds of different production techniques. I researched and read every blog I could as I tackled sonic problem after sonic problem. I tried different plugins, different approaches, and different sounds. In the end, I found an odd merging of old and new production techniques and equipment worked best for me. 

It's Christmas Time is the lead single for the album.  I am very proud of the song and the production level I achieved. I still have much to learn as a producer, but it sure is fun walking this path of discovery. The rest of the album, which will be called "Santa's Rockin' Band," will follow the lead single next Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys the song and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!