It's Christmas Time 

After having worked off and on on various Christmas songs every December for the last few years, I made a conscious decision last summer to finish off all those songs and put out a full Christmas album. But, I also wanted to raise the production level and put out the best recorded music I have ever done. I worked for months trying all kinds of different production techniques. I researched and read every blog I could as I tackled sonic problem after sonic problem. I tried different plugins, different…

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18 - A Novel 

When I was a kid, I used to have a huge passion for writing all kinds of stories.  I had a pretty elaborate imagination, and although my writing skills were pretty good, they were never quite adequate enough to put down on paper what was in my head.  Regardless though, I still dreamed of one day writing a novel.  Jump ahead about 20 years or so and I finally overcame the fear and insecurity that had previously held me back.  I was finally going to write myself a novel.

Well, deciding to write a novel and…

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