Rich Chambers

I don't believe my story is a whole lot different from any other musician's story. I discovered the guitar at the age of 10 and puttered around on it for about four years before writing my first song and becoming totally hooked! 

Music became everything after that and school kind of fell to the wayside as I was so sure I would be the "next big thing." After barely graduating from high school, I embarked on my career to stardom.  

Well, "stardom" took me into many cheesy dives to play in front of about 10 drunk people (on a good night) for a couple of rounds of beer. It also brought me a lot of rejection and "you ain't got it kid" comments. So, soon after leaving high school I did the smartest thing I could have ever done--I went back to school, which led to a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree, and a whole new way of thinking and seeing things. Education rocks! 

Along the way, I continued with my rock n’ roll journey. As a solo artist, and previously with my band Half-Hour Late, I released numerous albums and successful singles, but none have topped the success of my cover of "Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser" from my first album, which I first released soon after graduating from university. The song has been downloaded over 18,000 times in the last ten years and streamed approximately 1,000,000 times in the past two. Looking to tap back into this success, I went full circle to record and release a new Christmas album, ‘Santa’s Rockin’ Band,’ in 2020 that built upon the foundation laid by the popularity of the “Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser.” 

In January 2021, following on the heels of my successful 2020 Christmas album, I released the socially conscious rocker, “I’m So Tired.” It is an infectious, driving rock n’ roll song with an accompanying video that is brimming with relevant social commentary. My second single of the year, released in April, is the mid-tempo rock/country/adult contemporary song, “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough. To follow, will be 18 months of planned, systematic, and consistent single and album releases as I set out, with determination and grit, to establish my voice and songs as the new wave of classic 60s rock for the 2020s.