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Rich Chambers – It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World) (2020)

Every festive season we are faced with generic Christmas music that we hear year after year. Fortunately, Rich Chambers is here with something a little different in his single ‘It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)’. Taking a more rock turn, the single diverts from the usual Christmas song messaging and consider that the magic of this time of year resides in the innocence of children.

Coming off his album Santa’s Rockin’ Band, the single showcases the depth of experience Chambers has. With five full-length albums, countless live performances and over 20 years in the music industry, he draws you into his sound with an effortlessness next to none. With a dash of modern sensibilities, this single will have your foot tapping to the new beats of the holiday season.

‘It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)’ grabs your attention with a very lively opening. The guitar line grabs your hand as you hop down the pulsing beats. There is a hint of Christmas to the opening line that remains throughout the single. The rock sensibilities of the melody have this wonderfully upbeat and lively vibe to them that just fills you with good vibes. Through the melody, you are filled with festive cheer, but this is done in a different way to the generic festive music you generally hear.

Over the lively melody, is Chambers’ engaging vocal performance. His performance has a bouncing vibe to it that makes you feel good. While you are riding the good vibes, he lets you know what Christmas is really about. The lyrics of the track are insightful and infused with the true meaning of this time of the year.

Rich Chambers has you bouncing around to his upbeat and engaging single ‘It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)’. The lively guitar-driven melody has an infectious vibe that you can’t shake while the vocals are equally energetic. If you don’t generally like Christmas music, you should give this song a try because it is a refreshing burst of festive energy.

Find out more about Rich Chambers on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • November 23, 2020 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you so much for such an awesome review!! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!! 🙂


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Rich's music is great for all ages. He has his soul in his music and it will touch your soul. When you need a smile, this is the music to listen to, it will touch your heart.” - Aaron Nodge

— FOX FM-CFGW 94.1 Yorkton, SK

Rich I've just heard your album all the way through (this is unheard of- I always sample the songs then go back to those I reckon might fit the program format) It's the best album I've heard from a new act for ages (and you can quote me) Thanks for sending me such a great album Regards Jeff Bauer Radio Ltd, part of the Bauer Publishing Group, is home to a growing network of no.1 commercial radio stations in all major markets in the UK and the no.1 commercial broadcaster in national digital radio.” - Jeff Jones

— Bauer Radio Ltd-London England