Santa's Rockin' Band Release Date October 30, 2020

I am very excited to be announcing that my new Christmas album, Santa's Rockin' Band, will be released on October 30, 2020. This project has its origins over 20 years ago when I recorded my first Christmas CD, also called Santa's Rockin' Band. Over time, most of the 10 tracks from that album faded into obscurity, but one track, the Snow Miser vs. the Heat Miser, somehow not only stayed the test of time, but has been continually growing in popularity ever since I first offered it up on itunes 12 years ago. So, on the strength of that track, I have recorded four Christmas originals and six Christmas standards to make up the 2020 Santa's Rockin' Band release. I am super excited about this album and looking forward to blasting it out on all platforms and to international radio on October 30th.