High School Can't Last Forever

Rich Chambers

"High School Can't Last Forever" has been percolating within me for many years. I first started humming the chorus to myself when I used to walk from the Burnaby Mtn. park parking lot to nearby Simon Fraser University where I was attending classes (I wasn't able to get a parking pass that semester... hmm.... or maybe I was just being cheap? ... can't quite remember! LOL!). That simple tune has stuck with me for more than 25 years, but it wasn't until this last February that I finally made it into a complete song.

But it makes sense. On one hand, I conceived the song as a simple and innocent sounding three-chord rocker, but on another level, I completed it using the institution and concept we call "high school" as a foundational metaphor for how we perceive innocence and dreams. 25 years ago I didn't have the proper perspective to inject this concept into a basic three-minute rocker. In the end, I am very proud of this song as it combines two very different times in my life into one cohesive underlying challenge for all of us to consider--how do we each define innocence?

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