When I was a small boy, I used to watch reruns of the Monkees TV show.  I loved the show and the songs.  I can even remember discovering an old record copy of the Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" that my mom had kicking around, and wondering who these guys were that were copying the Monkees (Yep, and I really thought the Monkees were playing their instruments on the show too ... how gullible is that? ;-)  My favourite of all the Monkees tunes was "Last Train to Clarksville."  I loved the song then, and I still love it now.  So I figured, "what the heck, I'll cover it."  It was a fun song to record.  I hope you like it.


Take the last train to ClarksvilleAnd I'll meet you at the stationYou can be there by four thirty'Cause I made your reservationDon't be slow, oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!'Cause I'm leavin' in the morningAnd I must see you againWe'll have one more night together'Til the morning brings my trainAnd I must go, oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!And I don't know if I'm ever coming home.Take the last train to ClarksvilleI'll be waiting at the stationWe'll have time for coffee flavoured kissesAnd a bit of conversationOh... Oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!Take the last train to ClarksvilleNow I must hang up the phoneI can't hear you in this noisy railroad station all aloneI'm feelin' low. Oh, no, no, no!Oh, no, no, no!And I don't know if I'm ever coming homeTake the last train to ClarksvilleTake the last train to Clarksville