I've always loved Christmas, Christmas shows, and Christmas music. It started when I was a small kid. I can remember looking so forward every year to watching Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph on TV. There of course were no DVD's back then so my mom used to diligently scour the TV guides to make sure that she had me in front of the TV on the appropriate day and time. To miss one of these shows was devastating as the next chance to seem them would be a year later, which to a small child, was an eternity. The Christmas when I was 6, my mom said there was a show on TV that I might like. She said it was called "The Year Without a Santa Claus." Well, it happened to be the afternoon of Christmas Eve and I was way too fired up at that point to focus on much of anything, even to watch a Christmas special. Now that I am a parent, I realize my mom was trying anything to get me to settle down just for a few minutes. I finally reluctantly agreed to try and settle in to watch the show. It was a brand new Christmas special so I really did not know what to expect. As I started to watch, I thought to myself that it was an okay show ... until THEY Showed up. Oh yes, and for anyone who has seen the show, you know exactly who I am referring to when I say "THEY." The Snow Miser came on first with his ragtime based version of his theme song. I was all smiles. Then the Heat Miser came on with his somewhat bluesy based version of the same song. By that point I was hooked. For the rest of that Christmas Eve and the following Christmas day, I was randomly interchanging between pretending to be the Snow Miser and the Heat Miser. I think by Christmas dinner my mom was regretting putting me in front of that show the day before. You can bet when Christmas rolled around the next year, The Year Without a Santa Claus was at the top of my list as a "must see" show. Jump ahead to 1994 and my Christmas album Santa's Rockin' Band. Snow Miser and Heat Miser was a must for me to include on the album. My friend and bandmate Todd Foxcroft joined me on the vocals as the Heat Miser and I took the reins of the Snow Miser. Todd and I laid the entire track down in one take, and in doing so, had our engineer laughing so hard that he forget to press stop at the end of the recording. It was an awesome moment. Since then, my Snow Miser and Heat Miser song has been the most popular and requested song I have ever recorded. So much so that I decided to remaster it for Christmas 2010, adding some new life and dimension to those loveable Christmas curmudgeons. I hope you like it and Merry Christmas!