Thanks for helping me pick my 2nd UK Radio Release!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to take my radio release survey. You all helped me determine my next radio release in the UK. The song that came out on top (by a wide majority I might add) was "There's Gotte Be A Better Way," which I have to admit, totally surprised me. I put that song on the album almost as an afterthought. I never thought it had the potential to be a single. It just goes to show that sometimes the artist doesn't always know what his or her's best work is. Sometimes it takes an outside party (or in this case parties) to get the honest take on the work. Thank you to everyone! It was very cool to have you help me decide this release. And, a special thanks goes out to Jeff Jones at Moray Firth Radio in Inverness Scotland. Jeff has been playing my songs continually for a few months now. The survey was his idea, and a great one at that! You are awesome Jeff!!

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