18 - A Novel

When I was a kid, I used to have a huge passion for writing all kinds of stories.  I had a pretty elaborate imagination, and although my writing skills were pretty good, they were never quite adequate enough to put down on paper what was in my head.  Regardless though, I still dreamed of one day writing a novel.  Jump ahead about 20 years or so and I finally overcame the fear and insecurity that had previously held me back.  I was finally going to write myself a novel.

Well, deciding to write a novel and actually writing one are two very completely different things.  I had no idea how to start things off let alone any idea in regards to what I should write about.  I finally decided to write about myself and my years as a teenager.  So much happened to me then and so much learning took place, that I really believed I could make a good story out of it all.  So, I mapped out my chapters, established my main characters, which were my friends, and started to write.

I was about three weeks into the process, and things were just not happening.  What I had written pretty much stunk, and I was at a loss in regards to what to add.  And when I got right into it, my life as a teen was kind of uneventful and boring.  It was then that it hit me: I suddenly realized that this was my story and these were my characters.  They could do and be anything I wanted them to be.  That is when things took off and my pen started to flow pretty easily.  Writing the novel became fun after that as each character started to grow and come to life before my very eyes.

I wrote the entire novel on my lunch hours at my job at Douglas College.  I then edited it and fired it off to many publishers.  Rejection after rejection came back, which was pretty tough, but it is the reality of the business.  Each time, I would lick my wounds for a bit, and then get right back at it to edit and edit some more.  I kept on submitting and editing, submiting and editing.  Finally, after about four years of this and countless rejection letters, I had a much more polished and cohesive novel.  It was this submission that Rogue Phoenix Press said they liked and wanted to publish.  I signed some contracts, went through a couple more rounds of editing, and out came the final product on April 20th, 2013.

The novel is about discovery.  It's about the importance of the small moments.  It's about making sense of where one came from and where one is going.  It is about the everyday, which can be very mundane, but also brilliantly wonderful when one peels back the layers of that mundaneness to discover the core beauty of what is really there. 

I am very proud of this work and am happy to share it with everyone.

Here is a link that will give you a synopsis and a review: http://shop.roguephoenixpress.ieasysite.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=18

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