One Day Away

Rich Chambers and Half-Hour Late
Words & Music: Rich Chambers


I just can’t sleep again
And I just don’t know
Why I can’t hold onto you
Or let you go
So I get in my car and drive
With no place to be
I’m a loser on the run
Running only from me
I’m one day away from tearing us apart
I’m one day away from a broken heart
I’m one day away from breaking us apart
I’m one day away from your heart
I started thinking about what you said
And all you need from me
You’re tired of my neglect
And selfish prophecies
I’ve tried to reach for you
That’s what I think I said
But I’m just not sure what to say
Its all messed up in my head
The streets all pass me by
The lights all shine away
There’s not a soul in sight
No one to call my name
I’m trying to drive to you
I want to hold you near
But I think I missed your street
And I broke my rear view mirror