Going to California

Rich Chambers and Half-Hour Late
Words & Music: Sean Gemmill


Hey now baby well I’m feeling alright now
Going to California in the Stang with the top down
Riding down the road never looking behind
Lookin’ for trouble not knowing what we’ll find
You flash me a smile with your sunglasses on
Cross the US line at the crack of dawn.
Hey Hey, We’re going to California
A little later on while you were driving
I woke up to sound of sirens whining
Took a look behind state trooper closing in
Said you wanted a picture of me with him
He said “Ma’am, why doing 105?”
All you could say was “It’s good to be alive”
Hey Hey, we’re going to California
There’s one summer I’ll always remember
It’s the one with you sitting on the fender
A photo of us at Solana beach
On top of the world nothing out of reach
As we headed North you looked me in the eye
I could tell by your smile this day would never die
Hey Hey, we’re going to California